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60CM XB2 TUBE - Model MML-XB2T-60

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  Whats in the box

  • 1 x 60CM XB2 Tube Model MML-XB2T-60
  • 2 x Universal mounting clips and screws for glasstop, hood or diy suspension mounting



MML-XB2T-60 is a 24V DC power led tube designed to produce very high light to depths up to 200cm.

Tube systems like this are perfectly suited for under hood installation including retrofitting into molded plastic hoods, being only 3cm in diameter and weighing only 100g per 30cm, they are very light weight small footprint tubes suitable for suspension mounting using the optional suspension kit, for resting on the aquarium glass-top using the supplied universal clips or for rim mounting using the optional acrylic brackets. Tubes can be custom spaced to suit your tank top and can be rotated in the holding clips for directional lighting or to eliminate glare.


   RGB Tubes VS XB2 Tubes

A combination of the two gives you the best of both worlds on most tanks, XB 2 for the intensity and punch, RGB for colour tuning.

  • XB2 Tubes use power leds for very high light requirements, RGB Tubes use a larger quantity of lower powered leds to produces a similar brightness (lumens) but can't punch down into deep water like XB2 Tubes
  • XB2 Tubes are dimmable but not colour tunable, RGB Tubes are dimmable and colour tunable


Model Number MML-XB2T-60
Model Name 1 x 60CM XB2 POWER LED TUBE
Target Use Planted tanks, Community tanks and Fish displays up to 200cm deep.
Fixture Style Tube, 3cm diameter tubes rotatable for directional lighting.
Cabling This tube has a generous 2 metre cable that exits from the rear of the tube to facilitate directing cabling to the rear of the tank in a tidy way. Cable has a standard DC 5.5/2.1 female DC plug to connect to the power supply or dimmer/controller
Colour Channels One. You choose the spectrum to suit your tank and we will build it with that spectrum locked in, this tube is dimmable but not colour tunable. Multiple tubes in a system can however have different colours e,g, a tube with white leds, one with red leds and one with blue leds and each of these tubes would be separately dimmable and therefore colour tunable.
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 20W at Max
Dimmable Yes
LED Technology Genuine Taiwan Epistar 3W power leds
Life Expectancy 5 Years
Cooling Technology Passively cooled, heat is dissipated naturally.
Water Resistant Yes, can withstand light splashing but cannot withstand persistent wetness
Colour Tunable No
Optic Lenses 120°, 90°, 60° , 45°,30° and 15° for targeted depths up to 200cm
Plug & Play Yes. All MakeMyLed lighting systems, dimmer/controllers and power supplies are plug compatible.
Shimmer Creates a beautiful shimmer in the water like natural sunlight on a clear pond when the surface is rippled
Spectrum Various spectrums available
PAR Readings See the PAR chart further down the listing
Warranty 1 year
Country of Manufacture Australia, built to perform, built to last

  High PAR rating

Brightness is the measure of how bright lights are to the human eye, PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) often referred to as PAR is the measure of how effective light is to the inhabitants under water and varies according to how deep the water is, decreasing PAR as the water gets deeper. For more information on PAR, visit our LEDS 101 page.

This tube comes with a choice of six optical lenses (aka beam angle), 120°, 90°, 60°, 45°, 30° and 15°  , each one suits a specific depth range in aquariums. Optical lenses focus the light beam and produce a beam to match the optical angle i.e. 90° produces a 90° beam angle and 60° produces a 60° beam angle, Optic angle is also known as the beam angle. The smaller the angle the higher the intensity at the substrate with lower horizontal area coverage, the higher the angle the lower the intensity at the substrate with higher the horizontal area coverage. For more information about beam angles, visit our LEDS 101  page.

PAR readings at 100% intensity (umol/m2/s measured using a lab grade quantum meter)

MML-XB2T-60 PAR READINGS Height from light to bottom of tank in cm
 15  30  45  60  75
Beam Angle 
 120°  164  121  89  65  48
 90°  177  130  96  70  51
 60°  191  141  104  76  56
45° 207 162 119 87 64
30° 248 194 142 104 77
15° 372 291 214 156 115

  • Readings were taken for a single XB2 tube, PAR will be approx 20% higher with multiple tubes 9cm apart and approx 40% higher if multiple tubes are 5cm apart
  • This is a high light system and is fully dimmable so you can run it at lower than full capacity if you don't need that much light.
  • PPFD readings of 50 umol/m2/s or over at the substrate is considered high light and will support sustainable growth in difficult to grow and light demanding plants.

  LED Blends

Some blends like 6800K Full Spectrum have an unbalanced led mix on a single tube e.g. red on the left and blue on the right and colour spotting at the substrate may be an issue especially for tubes 90cm or shorter. To balance this, we offer an A and B led mix with B having the opposite led pattern to A and it is recommended you use these in pairs to get the perfect colour blend.


  Plug & Play System

All components in the system are Plug & Play which means you can swap dimmers/controllers or power supplies at any time, remove tubes from your system or swap tubes around, you can even add tubes to your system within the limits of the power supply.


  Custom Lengths

Custom lengths are available. MakeMyLed circuit boards are 29CM long and we can do custom length tubes by reducing tube length by 1cm per 30cm without affecting the number of LEDS. e.g. a 150cm tube can be cut down to 145cm, a 60cm tube can be cut down to 58cm. To order a custom cut like this add a note in the order confirmation box during checkout or on the paypal confirmation screen if using the checkout with paypal option.

We can also cut shorter than 1CM per 30CM e.g. cut 90cm tubes down to 75cm for example. To do this we have to remove one bank of leds and space the remaining banks evenly. e.g. a 90cm tube cut down to 75cm would have 2 banks of leds with a space both ends and in the middle instead of 3 banks of leds. To order a custom cut like this select the length lower than the length you need and add a note in the order confirmation box during checkout or on the paypal confirmation screen if using the checkout with paypal option.

  Flexible mounting


  Leading edge technology

MakeMyLed tested many commercial LED products on the market, noted their failings and used this information to design a brand new system from the ground up, a fully plug & play system built to be reliable, built to last and have unrivalled performance. Manufactured in Australia by a small group of passionate perfectionists with over 30 years experience in aquarium lighting, built to order in our factory in Adelaide South Australia using quality components and shipped direct to your door.


The basic building block of MakeMyLed systems is the cleverly designed circuit board. Each MakeMyLed circuit board has 6 x 3W genuine Taiwanese Epistar power leds and high quality clip on acrylic optic lenses. 120°, 90°, 60° and 45° optic lenses available to target light for shallow tanks right up to the deepest tanks.


The low resistance circuit boards have an onboard microprocessor controlled constant current LED driver circuit to deliver optimum current for one bank of 6 leds and to protect those leds from external power spikes and surges, this results in a very stable, reliable and long life system. The design is modular in that longer MakeMyLed systems can be made by joining boards together and applying power at one end only.

The onboard drivers respond to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming signals which results in the most energy efficient dimming.   

 Warranty Information

2 tube system for heavily planted tanks

 Other Details

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Service and Great Lights

    Posted by Greg Jones on 9th Jun 2018

    These tubes were bought to replace some that had over time died (not the fault of the tubes) and arrived quickly as expected. One minor issue that Fred replied to and is fixing, his reply took all of two minutes


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