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  Whats in the box

NOTE: This item is a pendant lamp only and does not include a 24V power supply or gooseneck mounting hardware. If you are after a complete system ready to plug in and go look in PENDANT SYSTEMS

  • Your choice of Optic lenses to suit the depth or your aquarium


Optional Items

  • This system comes with the set of optic lenses you chose, additional optic lens sets for 60°, 36°, 24° and 15° are available to add to your order from our LENS SETS page.


The MML-CORALSUN-PENDANT has a full spectrum designed specifically for marine aquariums and has the perfect blend to make those corals pop like you've never seen them and to highlight fish colours.

Dual channel control can be performed using the rotary knob on the lamp body, turn left to make channel 1 (Blue/White mix) the dominant colour , turn right to make channel 2 (Actinic Blue/UV) the dominant colour, position it in the middle for both channels evenly balanced.

Fully dimmable using the MakeMyLed Inline, Wifi and Auto controllers and with a tried and proven blend of Cool White 6000K, Royal Blue 450nm and 405nm UV making it an outstanding performer and producing an awesome shimmer in the water when the surface is rippled.



Fixture Style Pendant Lamp, gooseneck not included
Colour Channels Channel 1: 6 x 6000K Cool White, 6 x 450nm Royal Blue
Channel 2: 6 x 450nm Royal Blue, 6 x 405nm UV
producing a perfect Full Spectrum blend that looks good and will sustain and grow coral.
Target Use Marine coral reef and fish display tanks
Supply Voltage 85V-240VAC
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 40W at Max
Dimmable Yes
LED Technology Genuine Osram 3535 3W power leds
LED Arangement 4 x clusters of 6 leds
Life Expectancy 5 Years
Cooling Technology Super silent active cooling fan
Water Resistant No
Colour Tunable Yes via the on-board control knob. Turn the control knob left to decrease the intensity of channel 1, turn right to decrease the intensity of channel 2, in the middle for both channels the same intensity
CRI > 91% for natural colour reproduction
Coverage Up to 60cm surface diameter with 60° optic lenses, smaller surface diameter with higher intensity when using 36°, 24° and 15° optic lenses. Use the Planner tool to calculate the most suitable system for your tank.
Plug & Play Yes. All MakeMyLed lighting systems, dimmer/controllers and power supplies are plug compatible.
Shimmer Creates a beautiful shimmer in the water like natural sunlight on a clear pond when the surface is rippled
Spectrum Full Spectrum Marine.
PAR Readings See the PAR chart further down the listing
Warranty 1 year
Country of Manufacture Australia, built to perform, built to last

  Quality Power Supplies

We supply high quality and reliable 24V DC power supplies for all of our lighting systems with world wide certifications and world wide 85V-240VAC input voltage. For our local Australian and New Zealand customers, power supplies ship out with an approved IEC plug and cable, for international customers we supply the same AU cable and plug with an adapter for your country.

  Plug & Play System

All components in the system are Plug & Play which means you can swap dimmers/controllers or power supplies at any time, remove tubes from your system or swap tubes around, you can even add tubes to your system within the limits of the power supply.


  Full Spectrum

Featuring a complete full marine spectrum hitting all the right spectrum spots for max coral growth and pop while highlighting reds and blues in fish perfectly.

The CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is very high > 91% which means this lighting system will reproduce natural vivid colours and showcase blues and reds in fish.


  High PAR rating

Brightness is the measure of how bright lights are to the human eye, PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) often referred to as PAR is the measure of how effective light is to the inhabitants under water and varies according to how deep the water is, decreasing PAR as the water gets deeper. For more information on PAR, visit our LEDS 101 page.

This pendant comes with a choice of six optical lenses (aka beam angle), standard for most tanks is 60° and will cast high light over a 60cm diameter circle 60cm deep, 36°, 24° and 15°  are also available to cast a narrower beam and penetrate deeper. Optical lenses focus the light beam and produce a beam to match the optical angle i.e. 90° produces a 90° beam angle and 60° produces a 60° beam angle, Optic angle is also known as the beam angle. The smaller the angle the higher the intensity at the substrate with lower horizontal area coverage, the higher the angle the lower the intensity at the substrate with higher the horizontal area coverage. For more information about beam angles, visit our LEDS 101  page.

PAR readings at 100% intensity (umol/m2/s measured using a lab grade quantum meter)

MML-CORALSUN-PENDANT PAR READINGS Height from light to bottom of tank in cm
 30  45  60
Beam Angle 
 60°  420  184  108
 36°  1612  664  356
 24°  2024  1002  576
15° 2461 1361 837

  • This is a high light pendant and is fully dimmable so you can run it at lower than full capacity if you don't need that much light.

 Warranty Information

2 tube system for heavily planted tanks

 Other Details

tooltip:Beam Angle::
60° is suitable for most tanks and will cast good light for a 60cm cube. Smaller beam angles will cast a narrower and deeper beam
tooltip:PWM Input Jack::
This pendant comes with a colour tuning knob on the lamp and suits most applications, if you have a need to control the channels using an external PWM signal then choose Yes and we will add a PWM jack option to your pendant
For rim mounting, brackets can slide out up to 15cm each end for longer tanks. See picture.
The inline dimmer provides basic system dimming, for more advanced control consider upgrading to the Wifi or Auto controller.
tooltip:Hang Kit::
Includes brass eyelets and hanging wires as shown. See picture.
rule:Length ::
Power Supply:30CM,BYO,60W,40W MW,90W MW,360W OF,320W MWOF:60CM,BYO,180W DT#@
tooltip:Power Supply::
Choose Yes if you want us to provide a 24V power supply as part of the package, Choose No if you have your own, want to buy your own or want to buy a 24V power supply with a specific capacity from our Accessories category.
tooltip:Power Supply Upgrade::
Choose this option if you want the ability to add more pendants to your system later. We will ship a larger capacity power supply that can handle up to 4 pendants.


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