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1. What does High, Medium and Low light really mean?

High light provides sufficient lighting to sustain lush plant growth in a heavily planted high tech CO2 injected freshwater aquarium or sustaining SPS coral in marine aquariums and has excellent depth penetration for deep tanks.

Medium light provides suficient lighting to sustain lush plant growth in a planted low tech freshwater aquarium that does not have CO2 injection or for sustaining LPS corals in marine aquariums.

Low light is like traditional T8 fluro tubes and provides good lighting for fish only tanks with little or no plants

2. What is the difference between XB2 and Sunrise/Sunset Tubes and Panels?

XB2 Tubes and XB2 LED rows in panels are High Tech, High Power LEDS that produce very high light and can penetrate into deep water by the use of Optic lenses, there are 6 x 3W Power leds running at 1.6W each per 30cm for a tube or panel row. Although XB2 Tubes and XB2 panel rows can and do contain different coloured leds to make specific spectrums, the individual led colours can't be controlled separately, they are dimmable and you can control the intensity of the whole row or tube, for systems with multiple tubes you can control each tube separately and for panels with multiple rows you can control each row separately.

Sunrise/Sunset tubes and panel rows have many more lower powered LEDS, around 36 x .33W leds per 30cm per tube or panel row, unlike XB2 power leds which are a single colour, each Sunrise/Sunset LED has 4 smaller LEDS inside, RED, BLUE, GREEN and WHITE (aka RGBW) and you can control each of the 4 colours separately in each led. This allows you to make many combinations of red, blue, green and white to produce almost any colour of the rainbow you want including Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and Moonlight. Sunrise/Sunset tubes and panel rows are fully colour tunable and dimmable, XB2 tubes and panel rows are not colour tunable but dimmable.

You may be thinking why not always choose Sunrise/Sunset leds because they seem to do everything, the answer is that XB2 LEDS have much more intensity and depth penetration than Sunrise/Sunset leds and are therefore the only choice for deep tanks that require very high lighting. Sunrise/Sunset tubes and panel rows are suitable for main lighting for shallower tanks and are also a perfect accompaniment colour tunable light to use with XB2 Tubes and panel rows.

3. Are Tubes or Panels better?

Tubes and panel fixtures use the exact same LED technology so one is not better than the other when it comes to lighting intensity and spectrum, for example a panel with 3 rows of leds has 3 cables coming out, one for each row of leds, to connect to a dimmer/controller and each row is therefore separately controllable. This is identical to having 3 tubes each with one row of leds and each with their own cable to connect to a dimmer/controller. The type of fixture comes down to personal preference on style only.

Tubes can be spaced to suit and are modular in that you can add more, swap them around or remove them from your system, panels however look very sleek and are aesthetically appealing to the eye if the light fixture is out in the open and visible. Tubes are perfect for under hoods, panels not so much. Both fixture types can be suspended over the aquarium, both can be rim mounted on an open tank using acrylic brackets and both can rest on a glass top.

Lastly, tubes are cheaper than panels so it also comes down to your budget.

4. How many tubes or panels do I need?

Use our planner tool to work out how much light you need, select your tank length, width and height and also what style of tank you have, then click the "RECOMMEND" button to see what size system will suit.

5. What is the difference between the Wifi and Auto dimmer/controllers?

  • Both units have programmable timers to set colour and intensity, Wifi has 6 timers, Auto has 48 timers for a 24 hour period.
  • Wifi does not come preprogrammed because the program has to come from your phone, Auto comes pre-programmed with 4 sunrise/noon/sunset programs.
  • Wifi has one set of 6 timers, Auto can store up to 50 programs each with 48 timers, you can use the buttons on the controller to select which program to run.
  • Wifi can be operated and programmed from an Android or iOS phone, Auto can be operated and programmed from an Android phone or a Windows PC/Laptop
  • Wifi has jump transition from one timer to the next, e.g. 50% at 9am and 80% at 11am the intensity will remain at 50% until 11am and will then jump to 80%. Auto has fade transition from one timer to the next, e.g. it will gradually move from 50% to 80% over the course of 2 hours.
  • Wifi allows you to interrupt a timer sequence to manually control your light real time from your phone, Auto doesn't but you could easily create some favourite programs e.g. "All On 100%", "All on 50%" etc and then select one of these programs to interrupt the standard Sunrise/Noon/Sunset program.


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