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The MakeMyLed Flora Sun Ultraslim panel series are high performance, aesthetically pleasing led lighting systems with a small footprint and with a spectrum designed for for fresh water planted/Community/Fish display Aquariums and Paludariums, fully dimmable and colour adjustable with moonlight option. Available in 4 lengths 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm

Flora Sun Ultraslim Combo panel Vs XB2 Combo panel

  • Flora Sun combo panels have a locked in beam angle of 120° and are not suitable for planted tanks deeper than 60cm. XB2 Combo panels offer a selection of beam angles to target much deeper water or to produce even higher PAR in shallower water.
  • Flora Sun combo panels use 1W power leds, XB2 combo panels use 3W power leds
  • Flora Sun combo panels are lighter, have a smaller footprint and also have a horizontally and vertically adjustable tank bracket option.
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